Dewey Faith Assembly of God

A Word from Wendell


August. The temperature is hot. The Monsoons have begun. School starts! Wow! Where
has the summer gone? Did you remember to serve God this summer? It seems, at times,
we leave God out of the picture, especially in the summer. There are vacations to take,
picnics, boating, golfing, too much to do to keep God in the picture.
Aren’t you glad God does not view us that way? He never gets too busy, grows too tired,
or just does not want to see us. He always has the time. As a matter of fact, He is waiting
for us to come to Him and spend time with Him. How about it, a new month with a new
resolve? Take time for God, He always takes time for you.
Wendell Clark

Sharing the love of Jesus in a practical way.