Dewey Faith Assembly of God

A Word from Wendell


June-hot weather! Yes, it is that time of the year. I enjoy the warmer weather, although,
thankfully, where I live, it does not get super-hot. I thank God for His creation, being able
to enjoy what He has given us. I also thank God for my Dad. He has been a great
influence on my life, even if he doesn’t think so.
My dad is a retired minister. I grew up in a minister’s home, yes, I know, a PK! He
showed me how and how not to minister to people, to be a pastor. I still will call and ask
him questions-how to handle people, finances, the Scriptures. I am glad I have him as a
So, enjoy and honor your dad this month. I know some of you may not still have your dad
or have a good relationship with your dad. I pray you will ask God to help you this
Father’s Day. After all, He is our heavenly Father who gives us the example of how a
father should live. God bless and Happy Father’s Day
Wendell Clark

Sharing the love of Jesus in a practical way.