Dewey Faith Assembly of God

A Word from Wendell


It is finally cooler! October is here and the weather is very nice. We can go outside and
participate in activities and enjoy God’s creation. Yes, I know summer is part of the
seasons, but after the heat, it is nice to be able to cool off.
In serving God, we sometimes face the heat. It may be that we have done something
wrong (I believe that is called sin) and the heat is on until we ask for forgiveness. Other
times may be that we are simply going through some time of trying circumstance.
Whatever the situation, stay true to God. It will not be hot for long. God will give us those
times of refreshing (cooler temps, if you will) and we can enjoy it. So savor God’s
blessing and know life is good with Jesus.
Wendell Clark

Sharing the love of Jesus in a practical way.