Dewey Faith Assembly of God

A Word from Wendell


April showers bring May flowers. This was a saying I repeated as a child. Where I grew
up, we did receive rain in April and the flowers would bloom in May. It may be different
where you live but the inference is the same, plants need water to grow.
As followers of Christ, we need to be watered. We need Jesus to pour into us so we can
grow in Him. It may be slightly different for each one, but it basically follows the same
I believe it goes something like this: We accept Christ and begin to follow Him. In order
to grow, we need the rain. This involves different types of rain: prayer, Bible reading and
study, church attendance, worship of God, witnessing-with words and actions, and
discipleship. While discipleship involves all that I listed, we need to be intentional about
it. Serve God with purpose. Pray regularly. Tell people about Jesus lovingly. Intentionally
read and study God’s Word. In other words, let it rain on you. Will you?
Wendell Clark

Sharing the love of Jesus in a practical way.